Canto 5 - Ante-Purgatory: Repentants who died by Violence. Buonconte di Monfeltro.

Dante and Virgil leave the Indolent, but Dante blushes at being apprehended yet again by Virgil for lagging behind - he had succumbed to the appeals made by the Indolent, amazed to see Dante had no shadow and was flesh and blood rather than a 'shade' like the rest of them:

"Why doth thy mind so occupy itself,"
the Master said, "that thou thy pace dost slacken?
What matters it to thee what here is whispered?

They come across the Late Repentants - those who died violent deaths yet repented in their final moments - who eagerly plead with Dante. Yet again Virgil warns Dante not to be held up by the 'shades' - so he listens to them as they walk along:-

Long since we all were slain by violence,
and sinners even to the latest hour;
then did a light from heaven admonish us,

so that, both penitent and pardoning, forth
from life we issued reconciled to God,
who with desire to see Him stirs our hearts.

Dante says he will help them if he can and they in turn remind him that in Purgatory what a person says he will do:

One soul replied: "we need no oath from you
all of us here know you will keep your word
unless some lack of power thwarts your will"


A number of the souls recount their stories, including Pia, a Siennese lady who was probably murdered by her husband, Lord of Castello della Pietra. Why she was murdered is not explained - either through jealousy or because the Lord wanted to marry a richer heiress.